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Saturday, December 26, 2009

order 3/12/09

order by kak na untuk bufday hubbynya..kak na memilih tema hitam putih..agak susah untuk mendapatkan warna hitam berjaya gak akhirnya..

order by mybest fren..ley for her 2nd Anniversary..
Happy Anniversary Dear..

Friday, December 25, 2009

cupcakes for hari raya haji

order by kak nurul for hari raya haji,,.ptptn bos..untuk anak2 buah dikampung

order 2/12/09

cupcakes ni request 4 my hubby bos bufday gurl bella dan meimei....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

order (17/11/09)

buttercream base+fondant deco

order kali ini dr along untuk majlis perkahwinan adiknya..along memilih pink+yellow untuk colour dan design juga request dr along...tq along..

fresh strawberry cuppies

cupcakes fresh strawberry order by rini...

order 29/11/09

mini cupcakes 49pcs.

...order from zati..ex clasmate masa kat u cupcakes for her farewell party...

Monday, December 21, 2009

mini cupcakes

cupcakes mini ni for mymom yg ada majlis bacaan yasin kat surau..good feedback from her frenz..tq to all moms frenz

order (20/11/09)

order by kak nor for her sis bufday (20/11/09)

order (20/11/09)

mini cupcakes

order by kak aidah for her baby boy 2nd bufday (20/11/09)

order (18/11/09)

order by abg bad for her wife...

order (16/11/09)

cupcakes purple ni di order oleh kak mas for anniversary (16/11/09) n colour dipilih sendiri oleh kak mas..tq kak mas...

cupcakes for bufday

bufday cupcakes order by kak ana for her princess Batrisyia

bufday cupcakes order by kak rabi for her little boy

cupcakes for bufday

order from kak azean for her prince...akmal

order from kak yan for her cute lil princess intan

kak yan memilih cupcakes saiz s 25pcs wit edible image + buttercream deco

Sunday, December 20, 2009

cupcakes 4 mymom

cupcakes mini ni for mymom yg ada majlis bacaan yasin kat surau..good feedback from her frenz..tq

cuppies 14/11/09

special cuppies untuk baby arissa..tq mummy arissa 4 invited me n famili..

mummy at Md D Subang Parade wit bufday gurl arissa

testimoni from FB mummy arissa: thanks dilla for coming n lovely cupcake..i dh mkn td..sedap ar nanti blh i tmpah kat u..hehe..:)

cuppies for makan2 for ptptn staff..
green/black /white theme

order by sya for her sister engagement..

wedding cupcakes

order by aju for her fren hantaran

order by ayu also for her fren hantaran

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cupcakes type n design







1-6Buttercream Base & Deco


buttercream base+ fondant deco


buttercream base+edible image




9-11= fondant base+ fondant deco

chocolate ganace base+buttercream deco


To place your order, please fill up the ORDER FORM at bottom of this page..

***if u need edible image on ur cupcakes or cakes please order 1week an advance n plz send at

Price may subject to change from time to time
cupcakes price

buttercream frosting+buttercream deco

saiz s- rm2.20/pcs
saiz m- rm2.50/pcs

chocolate ganache frosting+buttercream deco

saiz s- rm2.40/pcs
saiz m- rm2.70/pcs

edible image+buttercream deco

saiz s- rm2.80/pcs
saiz m- rm3/pcs

fondant base+fondant deco

saiz s- rm2.70/pcs
saiz m- rm3/pcs

fondant+gumpaste flower

saiz s- rm3/pcs
saiz m- rm3.30/pcs

buttercream+fondant@gumpaste plz add rm5

mini cupcakes-49pcs

buttercream frosting+buttercream deco - rm50
buttercream frosting+edible image- rm70

*add 20sen for filling
*add 30sen for individual pakaging (mengikut design)

**1 box hanya 1 flavour..beli lebih dr 1 box boleh campur flavour

flavour (orange/vanilla/chocolate)

cakes price


edible image- rm60
non-edible image - rm50


edible image- rm100
non-edible image - rm90

Friday, December 18, 2009




if u interested, do contact me for further details..TQ

dilla- 0193302250


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